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My name is Ronald Surya. I founded Empowering Brands in 2016. I received my BFA from the University of Tarumanagara in 2016, majoring in Visual Communication Design.

My experiences in designing brand identity and marketing materials for various industry; food and retail franchise, interior consultant, advertising company and hotel have shaped my understanding of brand consistency and management.

I’m always fascinated by how brands’ success stories captured, nurtured and grow their loyal audience. When I’m not busy working on clients’ projects, I love spending time watching movies and listening to jazz music with my wife.

I’m a Visual Branding Consultant with experiences in graphic design and marketing materials for small to medium business for the last 10 years.
I help business owners improve their visual branding that attract and convert ideal audience to grow their business.

I help business owners grow their business; attract and convert their ideal audience using strategic visual branding.

1. We’ll start the process by reviewing your given project brief that describe; your business goals and needs. I’ll follow-up with appropriate questionaries for me to understand better about your needs.
2. We’ll then set the time that works for us, to discuss your previous project brief over 30 minutes Skype call.

3. After we’ve conducted your consultation, and you’ve paid your deposit and filled out the questionnaire, I’ll used the information gathered from the consult and questionnaire to create design strategy that will meet your business goals and needs.

From then we’ll start our journey to shape your new stunning brand design!

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